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Quality assurance principles


The aim of our quality assurance is to maintain and continuously develop the quality of our products through their complete lifecycle (that is from R&D through technological transfer and commercial production), while fully considering risks and meeting all the quality requirements.

The fundamental principle of our quality policy is that following the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice set by healthcare authorities, we only market products that are manufactured in safe and controlled circumstances and whose quality meet the requirements authorized during the registration. The process of quality assurance does not end with production as we pay special attention to every remark we receive from commercial partners, patients or healthcare professionals.

Our goal is continuous development and we steadily improve our quality assurance system in order to satisfy the strictest authority demands.

Our attitude towards quality is a dedication to a way of thinking that can help us fully satisfy the demands of patients, doctors and regulating authorities.

We rely on the expertise, cooperation and dedication of all our colleagues in maintaining the excellent standard of our quality assurance.