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As a generic company Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC primarily produces and markets such generic products that can help in providing a more cost-effective therapy than the originator for a greater number of patients. Our products are market leaders in several countries and many of our generic patents have been acknowledged by an innovation prize.In the 2016/2017 financial year we marketed 158 product lines containing 147 active ingredients and our product portfolio altogether contained 631 products. Our most important therapeutic areas are the cardiovascular, the central nervous and the respiratory systems: the sales revenue of these three groups accounted for two-thirds of our human pharmaceutical sales. Products acting on blood forming organs gave 5.8% of our sales, whereas drugs acting on the alimentary tract and the metabolism accounted for 6.1%.


It is our strategic goal to expand the number of products we produce and market and the therapeutic areas, therefore oncology and OTC products are becoming more and more significant.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, 33 product lines achieved sales figures over HUF 1 billion. The turnover of seven product lines exceeded HUF 6 billion, and the largest turnover was achieved by our perindopril product line.

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