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Innovation Prizes

In the course of our R&D work we strive to develop such generic products that can help to provide a more cost-effective therapy for a wider range of patient groups. It is an outstanding recognition for us when our researchers’ work is awarded by an innovation prize.


Innovation Prize (2014) – bisoprolol-amlodipine tablet

The 2014 Industrial Innovation Prize was awarded to our bisoprolol-amlodipine fixed-dose combination product. The novelty and uniqueness of the antihypertensive developed by the company derives from the successful realization of significant multiple objectives during the development process. The blood pressure lowering effects of bisoprolol and amlodipine complete each other beneficially due to the combination of the two active ingredients with different mechanisms of action. Furthermore, the new antihypertensive – together with the appropriate dosage form – provides not only a high added value product with high purity and stability, but enables patients to take only one tablet instead of two. The fewer number of tablets results in improved patient compliance and offers a safer and more convenient therapy for about 70 000 hypertension patients already receiving Egis’ drug.


Innovation Prize (2013) - ramipril-amlodipine capsule

The 2013 Innovation Prize of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was won by our fixed-dose combination drug. This antihypertensive, developed by Egis is considered unique in the pharmaceutical market, combining two active ingredients (ramipril and amlodipine) in one capsule that are taken separately in two different tablets. Fixed-dose combination therapies significantly increase patient compliance, which has been confirmed by international studies as well. According to these, more than 30% of the patients end the therapy if they have to take the drugs separately, whereas this rate is only 12% in the case of fixed-dose combination therapies. Patient compliance has major significance for public health as the efficient control of blood pressure can decrease the mortality risk of stroke by 45% and of heart attack by 24%.

Innovation Grand Prize (2011) - clopidogrel tablet

Our anticoagulant clopidogrel product was awarded the 2011 Innovation Grand Prize. We developed a novel manufacturing process (patented in 2008) for the production of racemic clopidogrel – the key intermediate of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate –, which enabled the launch of our product before the expiry of the original product’s patents. We also developed a manufacturing process to produce the drug substance with appropriate morphology, which was granted Hungarian and European patents in 2009. Our pharmaceutical innovation resulted in a composition that ensures the high stability of the product and an environment-friendly manufacturing technology, protected by Hungarian and European patents from 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Innovation Prize (2008) - quetiapine tablet

In 2008 the Industrial Innovation Prize was granted to our second-generation antipsychotic drug containing quetiapine hemifumarate. The drug substance is protected by Hungarian and European patents. The chemical innovation resulted in a product containing an excellent-quality active ingredient and a significantly more cost-effective production. As a result of this pharmaceutical (formulation) innovation, by means of the optimized composition, Egis can produce tablets of 20-50 percent less weight depending on their dose strengths.

Innovation Prize (2007) - venlafaxine tablet

The Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 2007 Innovation Prize was awarded to EGIS’ anti-depressant retard capsule containing venlafaxine. The active ingredient found in this anti-depressant medication is produced by means of a patented procedure which significantly improves the purity of the product, the economy of its manufacture, and its environmental impact.

Innovation Prize (2006) - risperidone tablet

The Hungarian Patent Office's Innovation Prize for 2006 was awarded to Egis’ atypical antipsychotic containing risperidone. The film tablets contain significantly less impurity than those found in the originator’s drug, typically one-third to half of those amounts.

Innovation Prize (2004) - sertraline tablet

The Hungarian Patent Office's Innovation Prize for 2004 was won by Egis’ anti-depressant tablet containing sertraline. With the launch of this product, Egis made a significant contribution to ensure that a greater number of patients have access to a modern, reliable anti-depressant medicine.

Innovation Prize (2003) - carvedilol tablet

The 2003 Innovation Prize of the Ministry of Economy and Transport was awarded to Egis' tablet containing carvedilol. The novel production process elaborated during the development of the beta blocker’s active ingredient is more economical and significantly more effective than the published process of the originator (71% compared to 43%), and results in an active ingredient that is freer of impurities and has consistently high quality.

Innovation Prize (1992) - nifedipine tablet

The Hungarian Innovation Foundation awarded its 1992 Innovation Prize to Egis for its product line containing nifedipine. With this first-generation, antihypertensive calcium-antagonist, Egis managed to provide an alternative to the original product that until then enjoyed market monopoly in Hungary.