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Our activities

Research and development


In a more and more chaResearchllenging and sharp market climate the key to a pharmaceutical company’s success is the efficiency of its research and development; therefore our most important strategic principle is innovation. Our company can now claim itself to be one of the region’s most innovative companies. We dedicate one of the largest sum to R&D among all the companies present in Central Eastern Europe, in the 2016/2017 financial year we spent EUR 42 million on research and development. Innovation is present in every field of our activities: our product development is accelerating, we are expanding our portfolio with new therapeutic areas and we are marketing more and more prescription and OTC drugs both in our domestic and foreign markets.

Egis'’ strategic goal is to accelerate its drug development and to increase its R&D potentials. As a result of its EUR 43 million R&D investment program carried out in recent years (the construction of the state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory & Pilot Plant, the Analytical Development Laboratories and the API R&D Centre), Egis now has a wide range of generic drug R&D capacities at each of its three production sites, supporting the integrated development process of its generic drugs and APIs.

Production of Pharmaceuticals


Egis produces 5-5.5 billion tablets and capsules and 155-165 million boxes of drugs every year. Our excellent quality products are produced in our three Hungarian production sites and meet all the domestic and international quality assurance requirements. Active ingredients are produced at our headquarters in Budapest, while our injection, tablet and packaging plants and one of our warehouses operate at our other Budapest site. In our Körmend production site near the Austrian border tablets, ointments, suppositories, solutions, syrups and aerosols are made and packaged. Our first Greenfield investment was built as a joint investment with our majority shareholder Servier in Sofino, near Moscow.

Sales and marketing


Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC has for decades been one of the most important players of the Hungarian pharmaceutical market. Our company ranks third on the basis of the number of packages sold in the Hungarian market. Our domestic sales give a quarter of our total sales revenue.

We sell our products to 62 countries worldwide. Thanks to our extensive international infrastructure 77% of our sales revenue comes from our export. Our most important strategic markets Russia, the other CIS-countries and Central Eastern Europe together account for 63% of our export revenue.

Licensing and portfolio management


Licensing has a long history in our company’s life and it is an important factor in expanding our product portfolio. We are continuously increasing our revenue by selecting new markets and new therapeutic areas.

Our licensing activity is two-sided.

License out
Our licensing activity includes the marketing of our generic and original products in those markets where we are not present with a subsidiary and where we do not have a marketing and medical representative network. In these countries we enter into collaboration agreements with leading local producers or agents with a wide network of distribution for the marketing of our products. The drugs we produce are available in several countries in the world and thanks to their excellent quality they are popular in every continent of the world.

License in
License purchasing has been gaining a more and more important role in our business policy in order to provide an even greater service for our customers and our strategic markets where we are present with our own subsidiaries. The licenses are provided to us by world-famous pharmaceutical companies. Recognizing our fame and expertise, these strategic partners choose Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC to produce and market their products.